Woodchuck Day - In Vermont at least

Woodchuck Day for Vermonters, that is what the Governor said.  The press release from Gov. Jim Douglas today was "Vermont Governor vetoes Punxsutawney Phil's forecast - says VT woodchucks confirm 12 more weeks of winter."  Nothing like dashing a girls hopes.  Well, I guess that just means more time to sew without a worry of it getting to hot to even think if quilts.

On that nice wintery note, I was able to work on the quilt I have been making for a friend of mine.  Her husband has been deployed to Afghanistan.  I really wanted to do something for her and her girls.  I thought a comfy place to snuggle together might help this next year pass just a little more quickly.  

This was a pattern that I found at the Moda Bake Shop.  A FREE pattern to boot.  The directions were very easy to follow and I am very pleased with the outcome.  I was able to give it to my friend this morning. She was very surprised and I got a big hug, a very nice way to start the day.

The only other news around these parts is the twins that we have been awaiting at work arrived 1/25/2010.  A boy and a girl, everyone is healthy and happy.  Ah.....baby watch over, quilts DONE.  Wait just a minute....that was on Monday, on Wednesday we found out another woman in our group is going to have a baby in August!!  Yep, another baby quilt to get cracking on. 

Well, since it is Februray I need to get my thoughts together for the next installment of The Quilt Show BOM that I am working on.  Stay tuned for an update, hopefully next weekend with those blocks.


Jean said...

The quilt is very nice. I am sure the girls all will love it. Glad to see the twins have arrived. I have an idea for the next baby quilt!

Lynne said...

You have some lovely quilts here. I like your header bar too.