Star Crazy - Month 1 Done

Today I took advantage of the freezing cold tempatures outside, to stay inside and quilt!  I have gotten the first month of the Star Crazy blocks done.  This is the first of the 12 months for a block of the month from The Quilt Show that have decided to do.  Yea, like I really needed another project. 

I really love the bright colors so far.  The blocks this month were two 8" stars that will go in the center and six 6" stars for one of the boarders.

I have also started another quilt.  This one is for a friend at work.  Her husband has just deployed to Afghanastan today for a year.  She has two little girls and a more than full time job.  Her husand is also a co-worker of mine.  I have been trying to think of something that I can do for them to give them some support during this difficult time.  I thought a good start would be a quilt.  I hope that this can provide some comfort for them during the next year.  Maybe a place for them to snuggle at the end of a day. 



Jean said...

Glad to see the squares. They are pretty in the bright colors. Looking forward to the next progress report!

Lori said...

I too just signed up for the BOM! I don't really need another project either***Giggle**

I think your other quilt will be treasured.