Sail Away to Cross Stitching

I know there is not much to see here, but this is an exciting day. I have done a little cross stitching! It has been at least a few years since I have been inspired to do any of this. Cross stitching was my first serious hobby (obsession). Then I discovered quilting and my focus shifted. I still like to cross stitch, just didn't have the time. Wonder if that had anything to do with all of the shopping to grow the fabric stash? Well, I saw this Shepherd's Bush pattern - Sail Away and I really was drawn to it. I got the kit for this for my birthday, COOL and thanks Mom. I can't wait to see how the beautiful rows unfold.

Happy almost Friday quilty friends.


Batik Challenge Update #1

Yesterday was devoted to errands (Costco on a Saturday-eeewww), cleaning, and various other weekend responsibilites. I even managed to finish my library book. It was overdue, so I had to get to it! With all of that out the way yesterday that left today nice a open, wohoo. Sunday is usually the day that I get my sewing done, and today had the perfect set up to fit the bill. I started the day with some cutting. I was able to get all of the block pieces cut for the Batik Challenge that I am participating in. It is being hosted by Nicole of Sister's Choice Quilts. Not only is she currently hosting the challenge, she has been turning out some other BEAUTIFUL quilts. I really enjoy her blog, you should go visit if you haven't already.

Ok, so back to my day. I was thinking that getting my cutting done would be a good accomplishment for the day. Next thing I know, I look out the window and this was happening. I don't know how well the snow will show in the photo, but we had quite a squall. It snowed for about an hour. Hmmm...cold and snowing, I think I will stay in and work on putting together some blocks.

About two hours later, with a movie playing in the background (No Reservations - it was cute), I got the first 10 of 48 blocks done for my batik challenge, yea! Might as well make progress while I can, never know what next week might bring. I had such a good time making these. I keep thinking "chocolate raspberry" while putting these together. This may turn out to be a very yummy quilt. Have a great few days quilty friends!


A Batik Challenge?

There is a new challenge on the horizon. Over at Sister's Choice Quilts there is a new batik challenge. The challenge is to pick a pattern out of the Batik Beauties or Batiks and Beyond books by Laurie Shifrin, post your progress, and the deadline is April 24th. Ohhh, is this perfect timing. I got this yummy group of fabric for Christmas from my Mom (hi Mom!) and it is to make the pattern Murky Pond from Batiks and Beyond. I hope I will be a part of this challenge!

Have a great evening quilty friends.


A Tisket, A Tasket - BOM 1

I love this BOM already! I have started the free BOM from Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Studio. Here is my first block, the January block. Each month is going to have the same size basket, but what will be in the basket is a surprise. I can't wait to see the next one. Also, I have decided that one of my goals for this year is to really work on using some of the fabric that I already own! As in, stash management. I found a piece of this background fabric that was big enough for all twelve months, sweet! Backgrounds are now cut and set aside as the next month pattern becomes available. Boy, is that a different and nice approach for me. I am also trying to brush the rust off of my applique skills. I think this will be perfect. Fun, fun, fun! I still have to add buttons to the top, in between the leaves, but I think I will wait to get a feel for a few other blocks before I decide what to use.

I had the day off today, yippee extra sewing time. I worked on the baby quilts that I am trying to get done (seems like everyone is having babies lately). Again, this was fabric from the stash. If you feel like there is a theme with the repeating chain block, you are correct. Originally I made the chain blocks for my 2008 fall mystery quilt, but I didn't like the blue and white blocks with the other fabrics in that quilt. I ending up making a different set for the mystery quilt and put these aside for some other use.

The more I looked at the squares, the more I thought they would be good for the baby quilts that I wanted to start working on. So, here is what I have done with them. I really like how the red and blue top has turned out. I have a soft flannel for the backing. I have to decide what border to put on the blue and yellow top still. I know this burst of getting things done won't last forever, but it sure is nice to get through a few items on "the list".

Oh and speaking of "the list", and I signed up for the next Yankee Pride Mystery quilt this weekend. Yep, add another one back to "the list".

Have a great day quilty friends.


Oh baby, it's cold out there!

Brrrr, it is so cold it hurts today! It was -7 f when I went to work this morning and it was -1 f when I was on my way home at 5 pm!!! The next few days don't look any better. The weather report is throwing around numbers like -20 to -30 f and -5 f for a high temp! I guess the way to look at this is that this is perfect weather for quilting.

This is a quilt that I made for my quild's annual quilt show. I made this for the silent auction. The best part, one of my dear friends had the highest bid and took this home!

This is an "in progress" picture of my grandmother's flower garden quilt. I laid this out to try to balance the flowers AND to see just how many of the filler hexagons I will have to make. This is my portable project so the going is slow. I have now worked on this at soccer games, basketball games, and in New Jersey while on a trip for my Grandmothers 100th birthday. Maybe I should call this Charlotte's Flower Garden in honor of her.

Keep warm quilty friends!


First Finish of 2009

Yea! My first quilt top finish for 2009. I was able to spend a fair amount of time working on some projects during the holiday break. As a result, I finished the Yankee Pride Fall Mystery quilt top. Wohoo...

It seems as though I know a lot of people having babies lately. I decided that I would get started on both a Baby Boy Quilt and Baby Girl Quilt to be prepared with a gift when the time comes. It will be nice to have these on hand instead of my normal of "oh, I need that for the shower tomorrow?". It is a new year, a good time to try to turn over a new leaf. We will see how that goes. As for my stash management, the Baby Boy Quilt is adhering to that approach.

I started this this weekend, and ALL of the fabric came from the stash. I really love the colors in this quilt. I was also how surprised at how nice it was to use some fabric I have already acquired!Hope you all had a nice weekend.


I've got mail

Oooh, I have gotten wonderful mail. I was one of the very lucky winners of Freda's Hive 1 year blogaversay giveaway! I can not believe that I was one of the very lucky 7 winners. Here is what Mr. Postman delievered to me from Nanette. THANK YOU!! You can visit her here: http://fredashive.blogspot.com/

There was another package from Mr. Postman. Oh boy, too good to be true. Could it be fabric? Who me? Adding to the stash? I thought my approach for 2009 was stash management, hmmm. I will have keep working on that thought.

Oh, and there were these too. Cherries and cupcakes, well at least the fabric doesn't cause weight gain! Ah ha, maybe that is the right approach, buying fabric is good for my health. Certainly better than eating cupcakes, right?

Have a great night quilty friends.


Happy New Year

Wow, how did it get to be the 5th of January already! Today was back to work and school. I could have easily ignored the alarm and stayed in bed. Oh well, need to pay for the fabric some way.

I haven't gotten much sewing done yet this year. We have already had 2 family birthdays this year, New Year's Day, and a quick trip to Boston. The DH got tickets to the Boston Celtics for Christmas. A great reason to spend the weekend in the city! I brought the camera but....no one picture. Whoops, never got the camera out of the hotel room. We had a great time despite the cold, whipping wind. It is always a great get away.

Since I haven't gotten any other projects I thought I would post a few pictures of things I got done this past fall. This is a Lakehouse Fabrics pattern by Holly Holderman. This was in McCall's Quilting magazine - February 2008. I just LOVE the pink and black together. This has wall hanging has prompted a quilting room redo. The redo is "in progress" just like the quilt, some things never change.

Here is a little fabric basket that I made with a tutorial found on the Pink Penguin blog; http://ayumills.blogspot.com/2008/05/tutorial-fabric-basket.html

I just love the results. I have had a thing with red and turquoise lately and the addition of the rick rack just makes me smile.

The directions were very clear and easy to follow. I was able to get this done in one Sunday afternoon!

Thank you Ayumills!