How an Accountant solves a math problem....

If my books for math in high shcool had been based on quilts, it would have been a lot more interesting.  I can just imagine how cool Dr. Gorfin's geometry classes would have been if they had been about quilts!  Well, I just have to make my own entertainment with math.  I have been working out some math for a quilt that my Mom and I split.  So, the math comes in with trying to figure out how to best layout half of the blocks for each of the months of the year.  I didn't want to make this a 12 row long and skinny quilt because that just doesn't fit the walls in my house.  Here are the blocks (Mom made all of them and then sent me half, yes I am lucky). 
For a while I have been pondering how to best layout the blocks to suit my house.  I have finally decided to put two months together on each row.  This will make the quilt approximately 58" to 60", before borders, wide.  That works.  So, how does an accountant solve a math problem like this one?  Well, thank you for asking.  The answer is, of course, Excel.  I have plotted each of the blocks/rows out in a spreadsheet!
This is what math looks like in my mind.  Ahhh... the balance just makes me happy.  Well... that is what I am up to.  Have a great week...


March Update

Hi, I am back.  I had to go to San Antonio, TX for business.  It was nice to see another part of the country, and even nicer to be back home.  I thought it was going to be warmer in Texas, not so much.  But it was nice to see the sun.  Traveling is not easy at all these days.  I had 4 flights total (two there and two home), of the four flights, three were oversold.   I got bumped from one of them.  What a hassle.   Oh well. 

Here is what I have been up to in my sewing world since I have had time to focus.  I have completed my latest month for the Fat Quarter Myster Quilt.

I have also finished the March homework for "The Quilt Show" BOM.  I really love how this is turning out. 

That is it for now.  Have a great week.