Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day.  This is what I have made for my sweetheart(s).  The cookies that still need filling will get either raspberry filling or black cherry filling.  Both of these are favorites of my husand.  The others with the sprinkles are form my son.
The next thing I have to share is the Yankee Pride Fall 2009 Mystery quilt.  Next weekend is our reunion where we bring our completed tops and see how different they all look.  It is the big reveal.  That meant it was time for met to get cracking on this.  I haven't touched this since December.  Here is the top put together.  This quilt is for my husband.  I haven't made him a quilt in a very long time, he was due.

Here are the inner and outer border laid out.  I hope to get to that tomorrow since I am lucky enough to get President's Day as a holiday.  Wohoo!!!
Next up, my February assignment for the Star Crazy quilt that I am doing.  I love how this looks already.  The colors are a lot of fun.  The one inch squares were not even a pain to work with, I was worried about all of them when I was reading the directions.
And my final picture is of a new reading or TV watching area that we have created in the master bedroom.  Moving the furniture around turned into a painting project too.  The color is very similiar to what we had before, but a little darker shade.  I really love how this has turned out.  New paint, new book shelf (kind of hidden by the chair), and new chair.  Today we finally hung the pictures up.  Only took us five years of living in this house!  The only thing I still need to get is a floor lamp so I can see to read or stitch at night.
Well, that is all I have for now.  I will update with pictures of the borders on the mystery quilt when they are done.  Time to settle in and watch some Olympics. We were very excited to see a Vermonter win the first USA gold last night!  Go team!!

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Dianne said...

Both star quilts are beautiful! I particularly like the blue one. The borders are PERFECT for it!