Happy Spring

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. The days have just gotten away from me lately! We have had a beautiful stretch of blue skies with no clouds. Spring may actually be here?! Feels a little bold to be thinking and saying that in March for Northern Vermont. This is the time of the year when we get whomped with BIG snow falls. I am going with the thought of not this year. I bought these daffodils at the grocery store. Nothing says spring like daffodils to me. Sigh.....I was able to spend this afternoon volunteering for my quilt guild. We were putting together kits for our charity quilts. We were packing up donated tops with batting and backings to now be sown. Just today we went through an entire roll of Warm and Natural batting for our kits. It is pretty impressive what the group is able to accomplish. I have also been recruited for a charity knitting project at work. I am NOT an accomplished knitter and this has been good training for me. We are making blankets to donate to a local group for refugees. The assignment is a 13" block with a few suggested patterns. I have ripped mine out 3 times so far. I am about 6" into the 4th version and this seems to be going pretty well. We are hoping to have enough to make a whole blanket from just our work group.

As for my own sewing, I have been working on a baby girl quilt. It seems like every time I turn around another friend is going to have a baby! Just found about another one on the way this week. I have one friend who is due any day now, so I need to get moving. It is still a mystery about whether this will be for the boy or girl quilt. Not that either of them are done!!!
Have a great few days!


Anonymous said...

I will try this once more. I liked the baby quilt very much. Cute. I have been doing reverse appplique all afternoon! Jean

Siobhan said...

Ah, I love daffodils! They mean Spring to me, too. They've been up here for awhile & tulips are coming up, too.

Love the baby girl quilt! Looks great so far. :)

Thimbleanna said...

Well, boy or girl, that sure is cute fabric! Thanks goodness for stores where we can buy flowers -- it's hard seeing all the pretty spring plants popping up everywhere when it's still cold here!