I Heart These Blocks

I just don't know how the days turn into weeks so quickly. Tomorrow is June, huh??? Let's see....what has happened since my last vacation post. After vacation the DH and I both got sick with a nasty cold that also involved spring allergies. Thankfully that is over and we are all better now. Little league baseball is moving into the final few weeks. We have had a lot of fun with that this season. I have to say this is the nicest team and coaching we have ever had. The only other not fun thing is our computer is misbehaving. It seems as the battery has shorted out and the USB ports don't appear to be working. A mystery for tech support, aka the dear husband.
Other than that, I have only worked on quilting for the MANY babies that seem to be on the way. Here is a completed baby quilt for a girl that is on the way.
I have also started on the next baby girl quilt for another little one on the way. I just love these colors. This is not the layout for the final quilt, just a nice grouping for a photo.
I have also started knitting a baby blanket for another little one that is on the way. I don't know what this one is so the colors are pistachio green and cream. I will take a picture of that soon and post.
I have also worked on cross stitching. Here is what I have done so far for Quaker Virtues. (36 ct Sandcastle by Silkweaver and Belle Soie Silks that are in Spring Violets and Lily Pad).

Last but not least, is some 3rd grade homework that my son and I had a few weeks back. We had to make a loaf of bread to donate to the food shelf and got to keep a loaf to share as a family. I don't bake much mostly because I don't want to eat what is hanging around. My son was shocked that I knew how to make bread from scratch. We followed the recipe together and he did most of the work. He was surprised at how much effort it took to knead bread. Ohhh it smelled so good.

So here is the before picture:

And the after picture: YUMMMMY!

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i like the bread!