Batik Challenge Update #3

I got into a good sewing groove this weekend. I had the remainder of my Murky Pond (aka Chocolate Truffles) blocks sorted and ready to go. I was able to steal some time on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, very nice.
Here all all 48 blocks on my new design wall! This pattern is a lot of fun and goes up very quickly. I thought I would put these up so I can keep rearranging the colors and light vs. dark blocks throughout the week. This is a snapshot of the blocks on Sunday morning, and yes I have moved them around just about each time I walk by.
The next mystery quilt that I am signed up for starts on Saturday, so I thought I needed to keep plugging away on this one.

Goodnight quilty friends.


Lisa D. said...

Wow - your blocks look amazing! I'll bet you can't wait to start sewing them together!

Thimbleanna said...

It looks like you're making great progress! The colors are so pretty. Now you just have to stop moving them around LOL!

Kellie said...

You must be enjoying that design wall!!! You will be wondering how you did without one! The quilt looks great! Thanks so much for your kind words I appreciate it!