Time to get my feet wet

Well, here goes. I thought I might start out by posting some pictures over the next few days of what I am working on and what I have finished over the last year. A kind of get to know me few posts. I have to admit, this is kind of scary for me. I have always been a reader or lurker of blogs (at least over the last year or so that I have really been following various blogs). I am now jumping into uncomfortable territory, but there are some may wonderful blogger peeps "out there" in the blogosphere, I figure I am in good company. I hope you enjoy.

This is what I am currently working on. I took a little break over Christmas as my sewing room is also my guest room. I am now ready to get back to work! This is a mystery quilt that I have been making with a group at my local quilt store, Yankee Pride Quilts. When I started I was able to pick the design fabric. I selected the red bali from the available colorways. These are the alternate star blocks that are done.

And here are the connecting blocks that I am in the process of completing.

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