I've got mail

Oooh, I have gotten wonderful mail. I was one of the very lucky winners of Freda's Hive 1 year blogaversay giveaway! I can not believe that I was one of the very lucky 7 winners. Here is what Mr. Postman delievered to me from Nanette. THANK YOU!! You can visit her here: http://fredashive.blogspot.com/

There was another package from Mr. Postman. Oh boy, too good to be true. Could it be fabric? Who me? Adding to the stash? I thought my approach for 2009 was stash management, hmmm. I will have keep working on that thought.

Oh, and there were these too. Cherries and cupcakes, well at least the fabric doesn't cause weight gain! Ah ha, maybe that is the right approach, buying fabric is good for my health. Certainly better than eating cupcakes, right?

Have a great night quilty friends.

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Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow! You lucky, lucky girl! LOVE your fabrics too!