Finally, an update

Happy 2011 and Happy Birthday DAD! 

Interesting date today 1/1/11.  I wonder how many times I will write/type 2010 over the next few weeks? 

I finally have a quilting accomplishment to post.  Here is the center of the Star Crazy Quilt - done!  I really love the colors.  This is going to be great once it is really done.  Just 9 borders more to go.  I have to buy the fabric for the next inner border.  I wanted to pick the color after seeing how the center looked.  I am leaning towards a medium blue rather than green as shown in the pattern.

Here is an interesting picture from a trip to Boston.  The store front was lined with old sewing machines, it had nothing to do with what the store was selling.  I really like the reflection of the city in the window.

Well, not much sewing today.  Time to take down the Christmas decorations and make our traditional New Year day lasagne.  The hubby is taking advantage of the rare 44 degree temperature to take down the outside lights.  Much better than the usual chilly temps!

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Jean said...

AHA! Thought you would sneak this one by us! Still can't beleive all the printing I did the other night. Blue will look nice, but of course that is my favorite color. Mom